Natural medicines of Indian origin adopt the basic principle of holistic approach hence to attain a balanced status of Body and Mind based on the socio-ecological status of mankind. Most of the natural medicine branches believes in prevention than cure, but will help attain the ‘swasthaH’ stage, means healthy in Mind & Body.

When people talk about ‘natural medicines’ carries a sense of  unlikely hood towards it, which we all are sure that it takes more time than the ‘un natural’ chemical enabled Modern medicine administration.

It is a true fact to be accepted that Man is from nature and meant to secure his healthy and happy existence through nature itself. The natural medicines, by its name itself indicates are from the nature and meant to be taken care of our psycho-physical issues like we ensure living through food. While the selection of a natural medicine therapy is made one need to evaluate their tradition, authenticity, quality and efficacy of the hospital or the system. India is one of the God gifted lands on earth with tremendous herbal plants which are more than sufficient to look after the prevalent psycho-physical issues of mankind, but will have to patiently and truthfully bank on it to offer sustainability or cure.

Swastha theeram’  is the outcome of a long term cherished ‘rare among the rarest’ only natural therapy centre in India compiling almost all branches of natural medicines of India like Ayurveda, Siddha, Naturopathy, Herbalism, Traditional and Folk medicines. Every branch of natural medicine has its own controlled limitations based on the body constitution and the theoretical systemic frame work and more because of the reason that those are purely natural in its original status. Our motto is to offer the complete solution to mankind by compiling the variable aspects of all branches of natural medicines of India in a most systematic and scientific manner to offer the best possible results at an accurate, affordable, customer friendly and in an absolute hazard free status.

We are determined to offer solutions through our specially developed therapies for some of the deep routed medical issues of mankind and our thrust is also there to help man kind to come back to nature and bank on naturals for ensuring a healthy and happy living. We provide all kinds of health & rejuvenation therapies on Ayurveda, Siddha, Natural, Herbal, Traditional and Folk medicines to provide the best possible therapeutic benefit to the clients and to ensure a healthy life style with ‘Yoga’ for which we offer variety packages which can even be linked with Kerala’s eco friendly tourist spots, which we are sure will be an unforgettable experience for anybody from any part of the globe. ‘Total Mind and Body Rejuvenation’ is our motto addition. We are determined to make you experience the real Kerala in its true spirit.